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The Top 10 Accessories of a Barista by Mr.Espresso

According to Alf Kramer “the barista is a performance artist, in a rite of passage very important to our daily lives. If you restore the ritual, if you can build expectations, if you create the right atmosphere, then coffee definitely tastes better. The rite, the words, the sounds, the circumstances have a huge influence on the tasting experience. ”

Good coffee is an art! This has resulted in the creation of a new profession in the market that tends to become trendy! We are talking about the profession of barista!

Barista’s work is extremely demanding but also highly creative. The point is not just to be able to make a good coffee, it has to be consistent in his technique, knowledge of the object which should constantly enrich and good contact with the world.

But the biggest secret is his love of coffee and of course his tools! Like any profession this requires the necessary equipment!

Mr Espresso suggests the top 10 tools of a barista!

1) Coffee press – Tamper

Proper espresso extraction requires the proper distribution of ground coffee in the group, which in turn requires a tamper.

Proper pressing of espresso plays a very important role in the quality and taste of the final beverage.

Therefore, the press or tamper is an integral part of making an espresso and an indispensable tool for any barista.

2) Patio Position – Tampermat

You need a tampermat to protect your counter from the pressure you exert on the press shutter.

3) Knock box

Make a dose of espresso, while getting rid of used coffee. One … knock on the portafilter in the knock box and you are clean!

4) Milk bowl

Cappuccino without foam is not made, so milk is always present on the barista bench. Invest in a careful construction that allows you to control every step of the milk production process: from spinning the milk to its maximum swelling, to steady holding that will help you create latte art.

5) Cleaning brush

The grinding mill and espresso machine work hard that there is no residue left over until the end of the day. In order to immediately clean your machine’s group and portafilter, you need a special brush … which will free your hands!

6) Pitcher Rinser

The ultimate help for barista and bartenders!

Rinse milk pots, boston-shakers and any other utensils of similar dimensions in just a few seconds. Easy and fast!

7) Cleaning towel

Make your life easier with a special cleaning towel that removes the coffee residue from the portafilter quickly and efficiently!

8) Precision scales

A balance will be a good help in accurately weighing ground coffee!

9) Thermometer

To perfect foam and latte art creations … a special thermometer … is always needed!

10) Dosing glass

Ideal for measuring espresso extraction and necessary to perfect stability and repeatability in the preparation of your drinks.

Discover your own useful barista accessories through a wide range of equipment!

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