Finally the correct sugar & instant coffee dosings!
Enjoying good coffee depends very much on the right sugar ratio. Coffee shop owners know this very well.
However, despite significant business investment in good espresso machines and mills, expensive coffee blends and specialized staff seminars, coffee won’t be good if it doesn’t have the correct dose of sugar your customers needs, consistently and independently of each manufacturer’s “hand”.
The right instant coffee is always served to your customers with balanced proportions of sugar and coffee. Earn money by investing in your raw materials and get rid of your market easily and quickly with your customers always satisfied.
The automatic sugar & instant coffee dosing covers the gap of the wrong proportions and completes the coffee chapter.

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Just Smart – Αυτόματο δοσομετρικό λευκής & καστανής ζάχαρης

(1,230.00 price with VAT)

991.94 (1,230.00 τιμή με Φ.Π.Α)
Product Code : 70645JUST SMART - Automatic White & Brown Sugar Dosing Machine - End to Wrong Sugar Dosings

Just Smart – Automatic Dosing For Instant Coffee & White Sugar

(1,351.60 price with VAT)

1,090.00 (1,351.60 τιμή με Φ.Π.Α)
Product Code : 70646JUST SMART - Automatic instant coffee & white sugar dosing